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High performance liquid chromatography

liquid chromatography 6.1 Introduction The pioneering work of Martin and Synge [1] led to the development of gas—liquid chromatography, an elegant chromatographic method where, even...

9th class english note

9th Class English Notes (Federal Board)

9th Class English Notes Q1: Where is Makkah situated? Answer: Makkah is situated about 50 miles from the Red Sea. Q2: What type of competition...

planar chromatography

Planar chromatography

planar chroma­tographic 3.1 Thin layer chromatography Thin layer chromatography (TLC), or planar chromatography, began as a method of separating mixtures by eluting them through a...

Theoreticla considerations

cinematographic Theoretical considerations

Theoretical considerations :-The aim of this chapter is to present a detailed discussion of the principles of chromatographic separations and methods of assessing the quality...


introduction to chromatographic methods

1.1 Introduction to chromatography Techniques related to chromatography have been used for centuries to separate materials such as dyes extracted from plants. However, it was...

Class 9th Biology Notes

Class 9th Biology Notes for Federal BISE

Class 9th Biology Notes Chapter 1 – Introduction To Biology Q.1. Define science? Ans: Science  The nature is beautifully ordered and coordinated in its activities and it...

computer science

Computer Science Notes for federal Bise

computer science SHORT AND LONG QUESTIONS Chapter 1 – Fundamentals of Comuter Q.1 Briefly describe the working of computer processing system. Ans: Working of Computer...

Class 10th Urdu Note

Class 10th Urdu Note

Note for class 10th Class 9th Computer Science Notes Class 10th Urdu Note   Urdu Note   Class 9th Computer Science Notes ABC

class 9th

Note Urdu Class 9th

Class 9th Urdu note  Class 9th 36 pages   Class 9th Computer Science Notes DIT Part One Guess papers Fresh Aiou BA BS Guess paper...